Degeneracy of Nostalgia

by Sleep White Winter



released December 21, 2016

Bradley Tiffin - Guitar, Bass, Keys, Vocals, Mixing
Gabe Gomez - Guitar, Lyrics

Ethan Griffiths - Session Drums
Leland Hoth - Drum Recording/Engineer
Nick Stanger (Ashbringer) - Mastering
Hunter Copeland - Assistant Mastering Engineer



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Sleep White Winter San Diego, California


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Track Name: Philo Sophia
why do we seem to find the right people
in the wrong moments of our lives…

my mind is afloat
lost somewhere in consciousness
my body numbed, no control….
over intimate thoughts
unfathomable mind looping
bringing self revelations
awakened eyes.

dividing the line
between mind and body,
love and lust.
desire to wisdom
immanence unto transcendence
infatuated with earthly pleasures
we lose sight of what’s real….

(divine love for wisdom
and self awareness…)

from nothing we've become
and with something we’ll depart
from meaningless beginnings
to meaningful endings...
from nothing I’ve become
something that is whole again…

(in this dream I see,
a new perspective of reality
the doors of perception opened,
never to be closed again)

why do we let love
bring us pain and isolation
hurting the most
when it should complete us
that leaves me
vulnerable and empty….

(we search in others for what we don’t have,
a longing to restore us to wholeness again…)

earthly love is a longing for others,
(heavenly love is a love for you)
til life before birth,
and life after death
we’ll be together once again…

(from life before birth
to life after death
Sophia you’ll be with me...)

Philo Sophia
I’ll love you forever

beloved Sophia,
you’ll be there ... (forever)

living without you,
is walking on shattered
blood stained glass.
piecing together the remnants
of fragmented memories
that no longer hold meaning…

you took apart of me with you,
when you left this world
you took apart of me
that’ll I’ll never see again

feelings, emotions, and memories
are buried and lost in time and age
altered states of mind
brings me profound revelations,

(that I live in a dream
a dream to feel complete
with you again…)

Where ethereal dreamscapes collide with actuality,
When the search for enlightenment reigns supreme…
Life is just but a dream,
A dream to feel complete
with you my dear,
Sophia we’ll be together once again…