by Sleep White Winter

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released June 12, 2013

Bradley Tiffin - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums

Gabe Gomez - Backing Vocals, Guitar, Keys

Jack Wilson - Guest Vocals on "Her Love Remains"



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Sleep White Winter San Diego, California


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Track Name: Her Love Remains
Before I saw her, it was too late
I lost her to the gale, the calamity of fate
The winds took her into its grasp
never letting her go, i weeped and collapsed

Six Years have passed, but I have not forgot,
with these countless mental battles that i struggled and fought,
Her love remains

Her Allure...
Come back to me

Sleepless nights
Without thee
Come back to me
My Dear Serenity

her beauty fades away
divine flesh decays
Wither before my eyes
she mourns as she dies

I reach out for her
as she stretches for my hand
i feel her loving touch as
she falls to the ground and
Her body was so close
but it was farther than it seemed
But alas,
It was only a dream

I will find you, Serenity
Track Name: My Sweet Lady Winter
I take the hand
The one that will guide, through this
Winter labyrinth I find
Mortification, mental depression
Open my arms and prepare to die
Take me away from this world
So cold, empty, and bleak
I pursue light, to find my own peace
True serenity is what I seek

I close my eyes
(My sweet lady winter)
As she takes my life
(My sweet lady winter)

I become one with my love
In the ethereal heavens above
Track Name: The End of the Cold
Sleep White Winter
Winter, ends tonight
tonight, tomorrow the sun will shine bright

Lead me into Life
Banish this pain sent above
Guide me away from Strife
Bring me home, to my love
Track Name: Fragile
As i enter the lucid world, the mystery of death unfolds
Her fragile body I caress
As She is made human flesh

where did you go?
Six years passed
In this dream
I see you at last

our Love still stands
now and forever
At last I hold you;
We are Together

Only in this dream, may our love exist