Sleep White Winter

by Sleep White Winter

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comaunite I really like the direction on this one, the mix of psychedelic effects and melodies with aesthetics of black metal. This works really well at points. Sadly, I can't say so about the vocals. All in all tho, a unique sounding album, never the less!
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The sophomore full-length. The first release since the reuniting.

We love you, and we thank you for listening to our art.


released August 15, 2014

Bradley Tiffin - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums, Keys
Gabe Gomez - Guitars, Keys, Art Direction



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Sleep White Winter San Diego, California


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Track Name: Translucent Haze
Off-yellow ceiling lamp
I'm staring at the fan
Keeping my focus on
Just a single blade

I left the headlights on
The car in the driveway
Not that it matters
I'm not going out today

A bed of thorns
I am nested in fault
Clenching orchid petals
Stirred in her ardor
She is a moor
Exhumed from veiled roots
That I shall be entombed
Track Name: Last Dying Dreams
In my world
Ceaselessly we call
To all the unknown
To what shall we fall?
The gardens of time
In what I call home
At death it is in
These gardens I roam

Feel the leaves of dying sleep
Following eternal
Light in an abyss
Hear the scream of gentle breeze
Haunting the nocturnal souls
Who can't be free

I still see the memories
Of all my lost dying dreams
Track Name: Bereavement
I'm drifting into a manic state
The depressive fleet
Lifts me into space
I am alone
In the toxic orbit
Crushed under
A systematic entropy

Distorted horizons
Basked in his chariness
A quasar of negation
Channeling false prudence
This woeful era
Where bereavement defeats me

I have nothing left
Confronted by loneliness
Track Name: Trapped in a Memory
All I can remember
Is darkness in my life
Walking down a dead path
Forever in tonight
Comfort never holds me
And it never will
Solace never finds me
Keeping me so still

White Winter
The only place for me
Where my past is torn
Asunder, here i dwell in the dreams
Of my forgotten past
White Winter
I break through horizons
Achieving the life i lacked
The day I move forward
The day I stop looking back

Memories that plague me
Keep me against my will
Thoughts of mental torment
Tear my mind in two
Welcoming the nightmare
Into my sleepless world
Cursing out the dreams
That keep me from my sleep

Ash fell from the dead sky
Like a wicked black rain
Tainting my white winter
Bringing it to shame
Bringing back the memories
Of an eternal curse
To what I owe my life
And the containing of my hell
Ash fell from the dead sky
Lulling like the snow
Come to kill white winter
And bring it all to pass
Track Name: Surfeit
Our backs are turned
Illuminated in
The passage towards the end
Of what we made

My sincerity
Is my reverence
I am a loss
I can't return
Track Name: Labyrinth of Lucidity
See the light of lucid night
Watch the hill
From out of sight
Moonlit silver forests
Leaves of emerald green
Letting go of past life
Forgetting who I am

I long for dreams
In the distance I see
Dreams of letting go of all this pain
To rejoice in life in this new world
White Winter's always
Been there for me
The dark is coming
It's within my reach
Take this land, where I'm "free"
I just want to feel
The touch of lucidity

Here and how to be free
Feel the ground
Tear from underneath

Sing to the sky
Painted with onyx clouds
Pour forth the veiled rain
To wash away all pain
Track Name: In Eulogy
I refused to see reason
From my point of view
I was not indebted to you
Despite every time
I went against my word

Thoughts are credible
But my actions conflict
How i measured against
Everyone from your past
Was my only guidance
My only inspiration
To treat you human

In Eulogy
For deluded thought patterns
Where you were everything
I shouldn't have let you in

Everyone I loved
Is estranged, dull, or dead
Track Name: 12 (Katatonia cover)
Black theatre of love
Violet dancers cast their blood
The moon gave me flowers
For funerals to come

12 shapes bow before her
I am still one of them
12 morbid ways to die
Her beauty scares me

I'm falling deeper
No more pain to feel now
Touch the silence
Afraid of hell

Black theatre
Violet dancers drink my blood
The moon gave me flowers
For funerals to come

I cannot breathe
Am losing life
The moon paints the skyline blue
She died so beautiful